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10.26.2022 | St. Catharines Standard
Diversity increasing among Niagara’s elected officials

10.19.2022 | The Voice
ELECTION 2022| I’ve worked hard to earn the trust of my constituents

6.24.2022 | St. Catharines Standard
Niagara councillors endorse new official plan that will guide Niagara for decades

6.10.2022 | St. Catharines Standard
Regional Council notebook: Huson reappointed to FCM Board

5.11.2022 | The Voice
Niagara’s New official plan nears completion

2.4.2022 | Niagara this Week
4 things discussed at the West Niagara Regional Councillor panel

1.24.2022 | St. Catharines Standard
Niagara Region to study socially responsible purchasing

12.11.2021 | Voice of Pelham
Pelham Student named to Niagara Regional Youth Council

8.18.2021 | Niagara at Large
Niagara Region’s ‘Development Incentives’ Review Falls Short of Addressing Affordable Housing Challenges

6.21.2021 | St. Catharines Standard
Shining some light on the shadow pandemic of violence against women

6.12.2021 | Voice of Pelham
Niagara Region greening initiative takes root

6.04.2021 | Niagara Region Press Release
Regional Councillor Diana Huson elected to FCM board of directors

5.21.2021 | Niagara at Large
Thanks to at least a handful of Niagara Regional Councillors, a strong option for safeguarding our natural heritage is still alive

3.14.2021 | Voice of Pelham
Change and challenge at the NPCA

3.01.2021 | St. Catharines Standard
Legal review dispels fears of ecotourism designation for Niagara River

12.14.2020 | Niagara Falls Review
‘Shop Local’ especially important for Niagara’s business owners this year. 

11.24.2020 | St. Catharines Standard
Niagara Joins opposition to changes of rules governing conservation authorities

9.30.2020 | Niagara This Week
‘It’s plus, plus, plus:’ Coin. Diana Huson says child care key to economic recovery

8.12.2020 | St. Catharines Standard
Expanded provindical daycare strategy needs to be part of a pandemic recovery program, Regional councillor says

7.07.2020 | St. Catharines Standard
Mandatory masks polarizing issue in Niagara

9.18.2019 | Niagara This Week
Pelham’s regional councillor calling for women’s advisory committee

10.23.2018 | Welland Tribune
Huson proud to defeat two ‘heavy-hitters’ for Pelham Region seat

8.09.2018 | Voice of Pelham
Regional Council: The Voice of Women

7.24.2018 | Niagara at Large
Diana Huson Running to Represent Town of Pelham on Niagara Regional Council